Born in Kayseri to Nuri HAS and Zekiye HAS, Kadir Has graduated from Bogazici college in 1942. Within the same year, he married Rezan Has, daughter of Mehmet-Sehime Germirli, a well-respected, well-established family in Kayseri. His father, a self-made man who started out in Adana with many factories and trade organizations, became one of the richest men the country and was among the founders of AKBANK.

Kadir Has went to work as soon as he got married and became one of the most important businessmen in Adana through his work in the automotive trade. He moved to Istanbul in 1960, still mainly concentrating in the automotive trade, and again became one of the leading businessmen of the city. He founded Mercedes Automotive and Truck Factory, and for many years he worked as the chief executive officer and executive board member of this company. He established the Coca-Cola Company in Turkey. He was also among the partners of Peugeot minibus producers, under the trade name Karsan and he became the distributor for French Michelin tires.

He founded various trade organizations. Kadir Has is the second founding shareholder of Akbank after the Sabanci family. In 1998, Kadir Has received an Honorary Doctorate in Administration, Planning and Economics Education from Canakkale On Sekiz Mart University, as a commendation for his efforts and endeavors as well as his for his moral and financial contributions to the education of future generations.

Kadir HAS and Rezan HAS, with the HASVAK (Kadir Has Foundation for Education) have both been benefactors for important activities in education and health and have bequeathed their entire estate to this foundation. They have always believed that their honorable and loyal obligation to Turkey is to give back what they have earned.  Thus, Kadir Has's biggest passion has been the establishment and improvement of the university which bears his name, Kadir Has University....