08.09.2020 14:40

Asst. Prof. Özlem Hemiş’s New Book: “Gözün Menzili: İslami Coğrafyada Bakışın Serüveni”

Kadir Has University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Theatre Asst. Prof. and theater critic Özlem Hemiş’s book, “Gözün Menzili: İslami Coğrafyada Bakışın Serüveni” was released. Hemiş invites her readers for a course of thoughts regarding the issue of approach and representation by visiting a large geography from China, India, Middle Asia sub-continents to Iran, Byzantine and Ottoman in this extraordinary book. Covering a wide world map of thoughts, this research makes the cognitive similarities and differences between civilizations that retain an accumulation of centuries behind the words visible. Collecting many resources from the Far East to the Near East, Aristoteles to Ibn Arabi, Sûrnâmes to Heidegger texts in the same pool, Gözün Menzili focuses on determination of the vision and comprehension styles of the societies for various world descriptions and reveals some passages that haven’t been discovered yet. “Gözün Menzili” pulls various tricks for the readers via keywords of the Islamic thought. While looking at specifics settled into the language of miniatures from the etymology of the images selected by tracking the Islamic cosmology, it stops by the windows such as conceptual history, aesthetics and mysticism examinations.