08/28/2019 - 11:59
Kadir Has University is Ranked 5th in Erasmus+ Projects

It was evaluated by Turkish National Agency the 98 project applications that are offered for 2019 year by 56 different Universities, as part of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility.

The 6 projects prepared by Erasmus and Exchange Office were accepted.Kadir Has University is ranked 14th between all Universities applied with the amount of grants allocated to these projects and It is also ranked 5th among the Foundation Universities.

All students and employees of Kadir Has University will be able to participate in Erasmus + Exchange Programs at the Universities that we have agreement with in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel and Japan with the projects as part of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility.

The grants in total of 155.840 Euros will be provided to projects for two years by the European Commission and the National Agency of Turkey.