10/09/2020 - 19:40
KHAS Çekirdek Program Yeni Hocaları ile Büyüyor

Kadir Has University Core Program continues to grow with new academics joining our academic staff. We’re happy to introduce our new colleagues to you.

Kadir Has University Directorate of Core Program continues to grow with Visiting Academician Dr. Yüce Aydoğan, Lecturer Dr. Terence Holden, Lecturer Dr. Stacey Anna Johnson, Visiting Academician Dr. Güldeniz Kıbrıs Atabey, Visiting Academician Dr. Zeynep Kutluata, Lecturer Selver Sezen Kutup, Lecturer Anne Maria McMurray, Visiting Academician Başak Deniz Özdoğan, Visiting Academician Bilge Ulusman and Visiting Academician Nil Tonyalı joining our academic staff. We’re happy to introduce our new colleagues to you.


Yüce AydoğanDr. Yüce Aydoğan completed his doctoral degree in 2019 at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Bosporus University with his thesis titled “Oktay Rifat Şiirinde Anlam Ekonomisi”. In this thesis study, he focused on the late period poem by Oktay Rifat and read this poem within the framework of the concept of semantic economy and within the context of the relation between poetical meaning and political sovereignty. He completed the master's education in the same department and graduated from the Philosophy Department at the Bosporus University. His field of study is modern poetry and fictional experience. Specifically, he studies on the issues of creating literary meaning, body and prosthesis representations in the fictional writing, the question of archive and technology in literature, phenomenology and Heidegger poetics.

Terence HoldenDr. Terence Holden received bachelor’s degree at the Department of Religious Studies and History at Edinburgh University, master’s degree in the field of Religious Studies from the Lancaster University, and Doctoral degree from the Department of Philosophy at Edinburgh University. He worked as a lecturer in the Language department and as assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy at Bosporus University. He worked as research associate in the Social Sciences Advanced Studies School (EHESS) in Paris before he comes to Istanbul. He studies the topics of social philosophy, religious philosophy and time, memory and history with an interdisciplinary view.



Stacey Anne JohnsonDr. Stacey Johnson worked as EAP / ESL teacher both in England and Middle East for the past 14 years. After completing her bachelor’s study in the field of TESOL and Education studies at the Wolverhampton University, she completed her master’s degree in learning at Staffordshire University. After a while, she completed her master’s study in the field of instructional studies at Derby University. In the meantime, she was interested in the fields of flow, motivation, self conception and class participation, leading to doctoral degree in instructional studies, and completed her doctoral study at Leicester University. She published magazine articles on the topics such as development of curriculum for needs analysis of the EAP classes, note taking techniques and mixed skill grouping in relation to her service as an EAP teacher. Her areas of interest include educational psychology, education in post conflict environments, relation between complexity - education and culture - education.





Güldeniz KıbrısDr. Güldeniz Kıbrıs Atabey received her bachelor’s degree at the Department of International Relations at Koc University and master’s degree at the Department of Modern History at Sabanci University. She prepared her doctoral thesis on nationalist political myths in Cold War Turkey, which she just completed, in the Department of History and Turkish Studies at the Leiden University. She has worked at Koc, Sabanci and Leiden Universities before joining Kadir Has University, and lectured on the topics such as theories of nationalism, political ideologies, political culture, migration, modern Turkey’s history and civilization’s history. Her researches include the fields of national build up processes, national culture, location history and policies, historical views of the communication studies, historical approaches to the history of daily life and law studies.





Zeynep KutluataHaving received her bachelor’s degree at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Bosporus University, Dr. Zeynep Kutluata has two master’s degrees from the Institute for Ataturk’s Policies and Revolution History at Bosporus University and the Department of History at Sabanci University. Having received her doctoral degree at the Department of History at Sabanci University, Kutluata has lectured about the history of social gender and women’s movements within the context of Ottoman, Middle East and Turkey. Her areas of study are the history of feminism, the Ottoman women in the First World War, women soldiers, gendered citizenship practices and militarism.



Selver Sezen KutupHaving completed her bachelor’s degree at the Department of Sociology in Bosporus University, Selver Sezen Kutup received her master’s degree at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature in the same university with the thesis titled "Sevim Burak'ta Metinsel Ağ: Ford Mach I'in İnsan Dışı Varlıkları". She continues her doctoral studies in the same department at Bosporus University. She lectured Turkish classes at FMV Işık University. She’s a member of the organization committee in the Interdisciplinary Ecological-Ethical Comparisons at Bosporus University from 2017 to 2020. She performs redaction for Altyazi Sinema Magazine since 2016. She is in the publishing board of the Monograf magazine. As a member of the Union for Animals Justice (HAD), she teaches the animals rights to the students at various levels from the primary to high school with a voluntary team. Critical animal studies are related to the animal studies, post human concepts, affect theory, literature - ethics relation.



Anna McmurrayAnna McMurray has received her bachelor’s degree from Arkansas University, and master’s degree at the Department of English in the Tennessee University. She has worked as writing trainer for many years at Koc University before starting to work at Kadir Has University. Previously, she served as teacher in the United States of America and Micronesian Marshall Islands and was the head of the department of English. Beside lecturing academic writing classes at various bachelor’s and master’s degrees, she also lectured optional classes related to the fields of social gender studies, film studies, literature and popular culture interests.





Başak DenizAfter having graduated from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Bosporus University, Başak Deniz Özdoğan has received her master’s degree at the Institute Ataturk’s Policies and Revolution History in the same university. She lecture Turkish and literature classes at Bosporus University, Galatasaray University and Yeditepe University. Her areas of academic interest include the modern Ottoman and Turkish fiction, social gender studies, biographical studies, memory studies as well as the relation between the literature and place and geography. She is writing her doctoral thesis on Mrs. Fatma Aliye at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Bosporus University.





Bilge UlusmanHaving completed her bachelor’s degree at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Bosporus University, Bilge Ulusman continued her education in the field of Modern Literature and focused on the manifestation of social gender, discourse and narrative strategies in Turkish literary texts. She received Master’s Degree with the thesis titled “Bay Muannit Sahtegi'nin Notları’nda Türün İşlevleri: Eril Tahakküm ve Söylemin Aracı Olarak Günlük Türü” . She studied heteronormalization, build of man based fantasy and pro-natalism during late Ottoman and early Republican period erotical literature. She served as the coordinator of the UNESCO Social Gender Equality and Culture Rostrum as well as the Center for Women Studies Application and Research Center at Maltepe University. She still continues her Doctoral thesis studies at Bosporus University, as well as publishing research and articles on facilities of the history of alternative literature, non-canon texts, women’s literature and gyno-critics.





Nil TonyalıNil Tonyalı has graduated from the Department of English Education at Marmara University, and received her master’s degree at the Department of Linguistics in the Institute of Social Sciences in Bosporus University with the highest grade. She lectured students at various faculties and disciplines in the university academic writing, critical thinking and reading skills courses as well as civilization history courses intended to improve the students’ skills for resolving, interpreting and explaining the social movements. Nil lectures at the bachelor’s level for students studying at foundation universities as well as state universities in Turkey for a period longer than twenty years. She lectured academic English to the students from various countries, whose main language is not English while she was working at METU Northern Cyprus Campus and online. Her areas of study are semantic concepts, event structure of action concepts, interlingual dative structures as well as use of rhetorical narratives per types of academic narratives in various disciplines. Her study in the field of syntax was published abroad.