18.11.2020 12:12

KHAS Core Talks: “Taksim Urban Design Contest / Project 15”

KHAS Core Talks hosts the Taksim Urban Design Contest / Project 15 team in the KHAS 107 Design course along with KHAS Department of Architecture.

The event to which the members of the team ‘Taksim Kolektifi” (Şerif Süveydan, Burcu Sevinç Yılmaz, Rıfat Yılmaz, Süleyman Yıldız, Sezer Bahtiyar, Murat Güvenç and Herman Salm) will attend as the owner of the project that received the highest number of votes in the public voting during the contest held via joint efforts of Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and Istanbul Planning Agency will start on November 25, Wednesday at 20:00.

To attend the event:
Zoom Meeting ID: 853 0981 5952